Have A Crush On A Friend? How To Get Them To Hook Up.

Whether you’re a guy or girl, having a crush on someone is never easy. You don’t know what to say if they ask about your feelings and you just want them to be happy. You always end up feeling like you have to put yourself out there or risk losing their friendship forever. Even though it’s not that big of a deal when you think about it, the reality is you probably care more than you should. However, all is not lost – I’m here to help!

Here are three ways you can get your friend to hook up with you:

1. Be Direct

If you really want something, then sometimes you just need to ask for it directly. If you’ve been crushing on someone in particular and you want them to go on a date with you, don’t beat around the bush – be direct about it. The worst they’ll do is laugh at you, but maybe one day, things will change.

2. Play It Cool

Sometimes you may feel like being too upfront and asking someone out is going to make them uncomfortable. This isn’t true. In fact, playing it cool has worked wonders for some people. Like we said before, it’s better to ask directly than wait for them to ask you first. So instead of asking straight-up if they’d like to go out with you, keep things casual by saying “we should grab drinks sometime” or “I’m free this weekend”.

3. Make A Move

If you still aren’t sure how to approach someone you like, then maybe it’s time to try making a move. Maybe you’re friends with them and you might be able to tell that they like you back. I mean, why else would you hang out with them if they didn’t? Sometimes, the best way to show someone you like them is to just let them know. After all, you can’t control what they feel.

Don’t Want To Be So Direct?

Another way you can see if your friend wants to hookup is by signing up for some local sex apps. With how popular these types of sites are, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone knows somebody who uses one – so they won’t judge you.

Lots of hookup apps will connect you with people you know from Facebook, so if you’re wondering how to hook up with a friend, you can check if they’re also on one of these fuck buddy sites. Then send them a secret request, and if they’re also interested in hooking up with you, things could get steamy.

Be aware though, that if you’re using a site like this, you should probably keep it under wraps. I know it sounds funny, but you never know who’s on there – it could be a coworker, your boss, or even a relative! So use your head and don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want them to see.

Questions To Ask Before Hooking Up

Hooking up is supposed to be fun. But it can also be awkward. And chances are, you and your partner won’t feel comfortable asking each other questions right away. So here are a few questions to ask before you go to bed with a friend:

1. What Are Your Boundaries?

Before you hook up, it’s important to set boundaries. Don’t just jump into bed with someone without knowing exactly what you’re doing. If you both want to keep things casual, then it’s important to discuss it beforehand.

2. Do You Have A Crush On Anyone Else?

If you’re going to be intimate with someone, it’s important to make sure you’re not already in a relationship. It’s okay to be in a relationship, but you shouldn’t be having sex with anyone else.

3. Will You Still Be Friends?

This question is important for both of you. If you’re going to be intimate with someone, then you want to make sure you’re on the same page. If you’re going to be in a relationship, then it’s important to make sure it’s exclusive.

4. Can You Trust Each Other?

If you’re going to be intimate with someone, you want to make sure you can trust them. Don’t hook up with someone you don’t trust, or someone you can’t be honest with.

After You’ve Hooked Up

Whatever happens after you hook up with a friend, remember to be respectful. Don’t lie to them, or act like you don’t care about them anymore. Stay true to yourself and the person you are. They probably won’t mind as much if you were to mess around with their best friend, but they’ll probably expect the same thing from you later on.

If they end up liking you back, then all the better! Just make sure you don’t ruin your friendship over it. If you’re lucky enough to find a good friend that likes you back, then cherish them. After all, every relationship is different and sometimes you have to take the chance.

But if you’re not a fan of the idea of hooking up with a friend, don’t worry. There are lots of other sites out there that cater specifically to hookups. No matter how many friends you have, you’re bound to find someone on a site like Plenty Of Fish.

In Closing…

We hope these tips helped you find success with your situation. Whether you’re looking for a way to get your crush to hook up with you, or you’re trying to get them to hook up with another person, these tips will definitely work for you. Don’t be afraid to try things out and be open to new experiences!

Why Friends With Benefits Are The Best Relationships

Back in 2011, Justin Timberlake showed us all that a friends with benefits relationship isn’t just casual sex and personal freedom. These types of relationships can get messy. They take effort. Sometimes, one half of the relationship might catch feelings for the other. There’s a whole host of things that can go wrong.

But despite the risks, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you know what you’re doing, friends with benefits relationships can be a whole lot of fun providing you play by the rules. And in this article, we’re here to tell you exactly what those rules are. Here’s why friends with benefits are the best type of relationships in the modern world, how you can use dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, or even adult apps like Fuckbuddy.vip to find one.

You Can Be Honest With Each Other

It’s a sad truth that not all relationships are based on honesty. Ask any couple you know and chances are one of them will be keeping some kind of secret from the other. In regular relationships, both partners are so concerned with the other’s feelings that they’ll do anything to keep them from harm, including avoiding honesty.

But with a FWB relationship, there isn’t any time – or need – to beat around the bush with the other person. You’re both onthe same page right from day one. You don’t have to live with them or even spend time with them outside of the bedroom so you’re free to be as honest as you like when you two are together. Want to go home after you’re done fucking? Absolutely speak. She probably wants that too!

No Pressure

With a regular relationship, there’s the constant expectation to progress. First you’re putting the world to rights with pillow talk, then you’re discussing weekend plans in the vineyards together. Before you know it, you’re baking cookies together. This is very well said by Jack owner of laundry pickup and delivery service in USA and have seen many relations like this.

But with friends with benefits, there’s no pressure to do any of these things. Both you and her will be content with simply meeting up and enjoying some illicit sexual activity. You don’t have to meet her parents or her friends or her bosses. The expectations that come with regular relationships are completely pushed to the wayside.

Sexual Freedom

So, you’re enjoying casual sex with one woman. Why stop there? Having a friend with benefits means there’s no attachment. Friendship should never be exclusive, that’s why you should use the situation to your advantage and strike up as many friends with benefits as you can.

One friend, two friends, more. You can have as many as you like and you don’t have to feel bad about it. It’s your god-given rights to enjoy as much sexual freedom as your genitals can take. You can have your phone and email inbox overflowing with fuck requests from as many chicks as you like.

Friends With Benefits Put Pleasure First

There’s a scene in the 2011 film Friends With Benefits where old Justin Trousersnake gets upset that Jamie (Mila Kunis) has chemistry with some sleazy English guy. Because after two months of slamming her, his attraction to her is starting to grow. He’s starting to fall in love with her friendship and basically everything but the physical side of her. However, he has no rights to do this.

This is a crash course in how not to review a FWB relationship. Once you stop putting sexual pleasure at the top of your to-do list, that’s when you wander into boyfriend and girlfriend territory. This is the number one way that a friends with benefits arrangement goes awry. As soon as you get a sign that you’re falling in love with someone slamming, it’s time to re-evalute your commitment levels to that person.

Judgement-free Fun

When it comes to sex in regular relationships, a lot of people hold back. There are plenty of couples that are scared to express their deepest sexual desires to each other, even if they’re fully content with their sex life.

But with a friend with benefits, there’s no really concern that you’ll be judged in any ways at all, be it sexual or personality-wise. You two are already revealing the grey side of your personalities, and once you’ve done that, there’s no really no other reason to worry. You can make as many wild or extreme sex requests as you like and your woman won’t hold it against you (unless that’s what you’re into!)

Your FWB Won’t Last Forever

All good things must come to an end, including your FWB relationship. And when it does, there’ll be no hard feelings on either end. Both you and your partner will go on your merry way and neither you will have to concern yourself with the complications that arise when a regular relationship ends. You’ll both be content with the eventual conclusion of your time together because it was never serious to begin with.

For most people, this is form of reassurance. Knowing that your arrangements will eventually terminate lets you enjoy the relationship while it lasts. Quite often, we tend not to think about life’s inevitable endings, but when we do it puts us in a more mindful mental state.

Moving On Is Easy

When regular relationships come to an end, it can be a tough time. You resent each other, you swear off women for the better part of a year, you start thinking she’s met another guy already. You start checking every dating site on the web to find out if she’s back on the scene already. It’s a mental minefield from top to bottom.

But the advantage of a friends with benefits relationship is that you subconsciously keep your levels of attachment down low, so when everything inevitably ends, you don’t feel like you have to drown your sorrows with beer and cookies.

FWB Relationships Are Very Popular

Sure, a friends with benefits deal sounds like some kind of magical, mythical relationship that only exists for Chads, Barbies and suave English lotharios. Not true, there are millions of people out there right now using sex search app to look for a friends with benefits relationship, from New York to California and all over the United States and English-speaking world. Your neighbor, your co-worker, even your hot English teacher.

The web is overloaded with dating sites and a ton of them cater to men and women interested in FWB situations. With so many options available, finding the right site is the easy part. Use the plethora of site options to your advantage.

We hope our friends with benefits article has helped you realize exactly how much fun a sex-based friendship can be. If you’re someone who isn’t quite ready to settle down with the love of your life just yet, find a web site that specializes in friends with benefits relationships and someone to have casual fun with.

Stage One: Nomination

Stage One: Nomination (Nudes Only)

Welcome to the nomination phase of voting. Enter the name or site for each category and click the button at the bottom of the page. If you are undecided for a category, skip it, you can always come back later when you think of someone.

You can vote in each category once per day however this is only the nomination stage, votes are not counted in the final tally. If the person or company has a website or email address please include it if you can, it makes the tally process much easier. Also, PLEASE only nominate people/companies in the correct categories listed on the official instagram page. It creates a lot of extra work having to research each one to see if they qualify.

Stage One: Nomination

Lastly, feel free to read our FAQ page and Rules for more information on the nomination and voting process.  Please do not submit leaked nudes or content that will not be used as criteria. Thank you, have fun and good luck to everyone!

Bondage Store

Bondage Store

Voting Results for Best Bondage Store

Leather Delights
Freak Clubwear
Alcova fetish-BDSM shop


Autumn’s Sub-Shop

Playspace Nominees

Playspace Nominees

The nominee you would like to vote for:

  • Adventures In Lust, Staffordshire
  • Über
  • Bordello Of Decadence
  • Club Quest
  • Dungeon West
  • Evil Girls HQ
  • Fantasy Makers
  • Fetish Circuit
  • Fetish Playroom
  • Hearts Delight Studios
  • Lair De Sade
  • Lifestyle Explorers
  • Ménage
  • MBDStudio
  • Our Sanctuary
  • OzFetish
  • Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY
  • Play House Art Gallery & Studios
  • Schwelle7, Berlin
  • Shibari Dojo Vienna
  • Studio Kinbaku
  • Submission|LA
  • Subspace
  • The Bondage Mistress
  • The Facility
  • The Lair SA
  • The Red Chair
  • The SinsCenter
  • The South Bay Spot
  • The Tampa Phoenix Club
  • The Upper Floor
  • The Web
  • The Woodshed Orlando
  • Wicked Grounds
New Bondage Site Nominees

New Bondage Site Nominees

The nominee you would like to vote for:

  • College Captives
  • Fetischichten
  • Italianbondage
  • JDuroc
  • Kinbaku Luxuria
  • Metrobay Comix
  • Proud Flesh Bondage
  • Rope Addiction
  • Struggling Babes


Hello fellow bondage enthusiasts! We invite you to nominate your favorites in any and all of the categories listed below. We encourage you to enter information for each nominee in Stage One which would ensure that they will be entered onto the next phase of the selection process. Please note that your vote only counts as one nomination per category, so there is no need to nominate your favorites more than once. Your one nomination will weigh as heavily as 50 nominations and may just give them the win!

  • Amateur Bondage
  • Bondage Advocate
  • Bondage Affiliate Program
  • Bondage Blog
  • Bondage Blooper
  • Bondage Comic Artist
  • Bondage Company
  • Bondage Couple
  • Bondage Dating Site
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  • Bondage Slave
  • Bondage Slave Trainer
  • Bondage Society
  • Bondage Software
  • Bondage Store
  • Bondage Story
  • Bondage Story Site
  • Bondage Suspension
  • Bondage Tube
  • Bondage Writer
  • Custom Bondage Gear
  • Device Bondage
  • Dungeon
  • Extreme Bondage
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  • Female Submissive
  • Free Bondage Website
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  • Metal Bondage
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  • Playspace
  • Public Bondage
  • Rope Bondage
  • Superhero Bondage
  • Water Bondage

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to recommend a new category.

Female Dom Nominees

Female Dom Nominees

The nominee you would like to vote for.

  • Alice In Bondage Land
  • Bobbi Starr
  • Brenda Bound
  • Briella Jaden
  • Carmen Rivera
  • Caroline Branson
  • Coral Korrupt
  • Dante Posh
  • Gina Rae Michaels
  • January Seraph
  • JJ Plush
  • Lexi Sindel
  • Maitresse Madeline
  • Mika Tan
  • Miss Kendra James
  • Mistress Elura
  • Mistress Justine Cross
  • Mistress Kat9
  • Mistress Katya Von Calder
  • Mistress Maya Midnight
  • Mistress Sable
  • Mistress Zahara
  • Natali Demore
  • Princess Donna
  • Xinran
Bondage Nominee Categories

Bondage Nominee Categories

Category you want to vote for

  • Bondage Blog
  • Bondage Clip Store
  • Bondage Comic Artist
  • Bondage Education
  • Bondage Event
  • Bondage Gear
  • Bondage Message Board
  • Bondage Model
  • Bondage Paysite
  • Bondage Photographer
  • Bondage Resource
  • Bondage Rigger
  • Bondage Slave
  • Bondage Store
  • Bondage Story
  • Bondage Story Site
  • Bondage Writer
  • Female Dom
  • Female Submissive
  • Free Bondage Website
  • Glamour Bondage
  • Lesbian Bondage
  • Male Submissive
  • Metal Bondage
  • New Bondage Site
  • Playspace
Voting: Stage Two

Voting: Stage Two

Thanks to the thousands of entries submitted from the stage one voting, we are in the final stretch. From the same categories below, please select your favorite. If you are unsure or do not wish to vote in a particular category it is ok to skip it. As with stage one voting, you can vote once a day until the polls close!

Best Model

Maybe it is in her face, her mouth wide with a rubber ball; her submissive eyes looking up at you. Maybe it is her ample breasts, toned legs and flat stomach bound helplessly.

Whatever it was, you knew the moment you set eyes on her that she was the sexiest woman you had ever seen.

Best Rigger

Coil after coil, a spaghetti pile of rope slowly disappears
from the floor. A once charming girl is transformed into
a work of art. Her muscles flex, body contorting; oozing
sexuality and knowing escape is not possible. Lurking
in the shadows a wry smile can be seen, pausing to admire their work for a moment. Holding up a gag in one hand the rigger walks to her once more, “The devil is in the details
my dear!”

With a wry smile she looks back at him, “What’s the matter, are you afraid I might bite?”

Best Free Website

Hoping to scratch that late night itch, she digs out her favorite gag from the depths of her pajama drawer. “What will it be tonight?”

she mused, “Some sexy images, read a few stories, maybe visit a few blogs… oooh, I know!” The screen illuminated her face as she selected one of her favorite websites from the toolbar. Noticing a fresh update she smiled behind her gag,
“Tonight is going to be a good night!”

Voting: Stage Two

Best Pay Website

Grinning with anticipation, he pulls out his credit card knowing he’s in for a treat. With so many great sites to choose from, it certainly was not an easy choice. Clicking
through the registration screens he can hardly wait to see his favorite models moaning behind their gags; struggling futilely in their bonds. With the login complete, he clicks on the most recent update and chuckles a bit, “Yeah, I’m
definitely calling in sick tomorrow!”

Best Writer

A smile draws across your face as you begin to read the latest installment from your favorite author. Your mind races, picturing each scene in vivid detail as if it was whispered in your ear. Suddenly, you find yourself taking the place of one of the characters, filled with excitement as you forge on to the next chapter. Before long, you reach the final page wishing there was more… your imagination enjoyed the workout!

Best Comic Artist

A trail of graphite follows his pencil, joining hundreds
like it on the paper. Closing his eyes for a moment, the girl of his dreams appears in front of him once more. With renewed focus, he shades the once featureless girl to life, accentuating her already helpless state. An hour passes until he is finished and steps back to admire the image before him. With a satisfied smile he mumbles, “Fear
not my dear, my imagination is far from done with you!”

Best Product

Watching the snow fall outside her window, she turned around to the assortment of toys and gear before her “Looks like it is just us today!”

Her fingers brushed over the vast collection as her mind danced around the fun she could have with each item. Gagged while wearing her favorite corset? Roped head to
toe while her favorite vibe pulses away? Maybe a day of frustration locked in her chastity belt!

Best Toy Store

“Acme Bondage Toys, can I help you?” the woman answered cheerfully.

“Certainly, would you like the gag in small, medium or large?” she asked.

“My my, it sounds like someone has quite a mouth of them!” she answered chuckling a bit.

“No problem Mr. Richardson, we will get that right out today!” she said hanging up the phone.

Jokingly, she yelled down the hall, “Hey Tom, stop playing with the vibrators, I got a rush order for you!”

Best Photographer

From beyond his viewfinder a perfect damsel lays before him; her exaggerated doe eyes looking back at him. He circles her, intently focused on the scene, the shutter clicks away. Time seems to fly by as she is bound in one position after another. Carefully, he looks for those split second moments that capture the scene. When the shoot finally ends, he removes the gag from her lips. She smiles “Get anything good?”

“Most definitely my dear, the fans are going to love this one!” he grinningly replied.

Best Fetish Company

“Last month was a good month, we got some really great feedback from customers. A few of their suggestions were a real hit!” Tom mentioned to his boss.

“Have you read the latest email that came in today?” he asked as he opened it up for Tom to read.

“I just want to tell you that I love your company! I have visited your website for years and the update last week blew me away. Certainly money well spent. Keep up the great work, the ropes tight and the girls gagged!” – Bob

“Wow, great stuff… we must be doing something right!” Tom joked.