Hall of Fame

Award Winners

We hope everyone had a good time voting and participating in the awards and we look forward to next year!

Nominees are from stage two only. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Best Model Best Rigger
GOLD Jasmine Sinclair
SILVER Vivian Ireene Pierce
BRONZE Claire Adams
4th Christina Carter
5th JJ Plush
6th Autumn Le Fleur
7th Ashley Renee
8th Terps
9th Akira Lane
10th Emily Addison
GOLD Lew Rubens
SILVER Jeff Gord
BRONZE Chanta Rose
4th Jim Weathers
5th Dominic Wolfe
6th ACM
7th Jon Woods
8th Ms. Nikki Nefarious
9th Matthias Grimme
10th Lorelei
Best Free Website Best Pay Website
GOLD Fet Life
SILVER Gromet’s Plaza
BRONZE The Wizards Lair
4th Black Fox
5th BDSM Library
6th Rope Dreams
7th Sklavenzentrale
8th Danger Theatre
9th Behind Kink
10th ForumBondage
GOLD Hogtied
SILVER House of Gord
BRONZE Bondage Cafe
4th Jasmine Sinclair
5th FM Concepts
6th Ashley Renee
7th Restrained Elegance
8th Bound Brazil
9th Bedroom Bondage
10th Sex and Submission
Best Writer Best Comic Artist
GOLD Midori
4th Anne Gray
5th Gromet
6th Blue Angel
7th Van
8th Jeff Gord
9th Sasha Cohen
10th Carmenica Diaz
GOLD Fuchskind
BRONZE Franco Saudelli
4th Satine Phoenix
5th Collar Sixx
6th Andre The Toon Man
7th Dave Annis
8th Sardax
9th Brian Tarsis
10th Dominic Wolfe
Best Product Best Retailer
GOLD Hitachi Magic Wand
SILVER Ball Gag (Sub Shop)
BRONZE Ball Gag (Torvea)
4th Forced Orgasm Harness
5th Rope (BindMe)
6th Gwendoline Armbinder
7th Chastity Belt (My-Steel)
8th Rope (Twisted Monk)
9th Rainbow Rope
10th Ms Martha’sS Corsets
GOLD Autumn’s Sub Shop
SILVER JT’s Stockroom
BRONZE Torvea Toys
4th Extreme Restraints
5th Winter Fetish
6th Fetish Factory
7th FM Concepts
8th SM Factory
9th Mr. S
10th Twisted Monk
Best Photographer Best Company
GOLD Ken Marcus
SILVER Jim Weathers
BRONZE Dominic Wolfe
4th Hywel Phillips
5th Lorelei
6th James Bertoni
7th Lúcia Sanny
8th Altered Aperture (Nikki Nefarious)
9th Christine Kessler
10th Don Sir
GOLD FetLife
BRONZEAutumn & Company
4th House of Gord
5th Fetish Con
6th FM Concepts
7th JT’s Stockroom
8th Restrained Elegance
9th AES Productions
10th Harmony Concepts