Bondage Award Results

Congratulations to all the winners!

Bondage Blog

1st: Ater Crudus
2nd: Ashley Renee bondage Blog
3rd: This Girls Webblog
Runner Up: Clover
Honorable Mention:
5th: TucsonTied Blog
6th: Bondage & Fetiches
7th: KP Presents
8th: Bondage Blog
9th: Danger Theatre

Bondage Clip Store

1st: Bound Honeys Exclusive
2nd: Alice In Bondageland – Putting FUN Back Into FemDom!
3rd: Serene Isley’s Bound Beauties
Runner Up: Brendas Bound Bondage Addictions
Honorable Mention:
5th: Borderland Bound
6th: Badman’s Bondage Babes
7th: TonyKorleonePhotoVideo™
8th: Girl Next Door Bondage
9th: Asiana Starr
10th: Borntobebound

Bondage Comic Artist

1st: TylerRose. — Beleagrrred Sadist
2nd: Sardax
3rd: Yvonne Craig
Runner Up: Osvaldo Greco
Honorable Mention:
5th: Andre the Toon Man
6th: Dave annis
7th: Shiniez
8th: Finister Foul
9th: Lord Dragon Master (Demon Candy: Parallel)
10th: EXitZero

Bondage Education

1st: Stefanos & Shay
2nd: CollarNcuffs
3rd: The Woodshed Orlando
Runner Up: Fetlife
Honorable Mention:
5th: Bondageproject
6th: Noble
7th: Jessica Cocker
8th: Ater Crudus
9th: Danarama
10th: Bondage University

Bondage Event

1st: Fetishcon
2nd: FIRE
3rd: Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend
Runner Up: Bondcon
Honorable Mention:
5th: Shibaricon
6th: Temple San Antonio
7th: Beyond Leather
8th: Bondage Expo Dallas
9th: boundcon münchen
10th: Sydney Rope Festival

Bondage Gear

1st: Extreme Restraints
2nd: Adrenalize Leather
3rd: Freak Clubwear’s Leather Bondage Cuffs And Collars
Runner Up: Autumn’s Sub-Shop
Honorable Mention:
5th: House Of Eros
6th: CB 6000 Designer Line Male Chastity Device
7th: Knot Knormal Shibari Rope
8th: Wartenberg Pinwheel
9th: SM-factory
10th: Twisted Monk

Bondage Message Board

1st: Collarncuffs
2nd: Rope Dreams
3rd: The Bound Forum
Runner Up: Stories Of Tie Up Games
Honorable Mention:
5th: ForumBondage
6th: The Tickling Media Forum

Bondage Model

1st: Jasmine Sinclair
2nd: Caroline Branson
3rd: Autumn Le Fleur
Runner Up: ariel anderssen
Honorable Mention:
5th: Ashley Renee
6th: Hannah Claydon
7th: Ropecat Nicole
8th: Lynn Winters
9th: Rose Holland
10th: Clover